Glass Rock / rockwool mineral wool roll fiber thermal insulation rock wool blanket with wire mesh

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Brand Name:  GlassRock
Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials

Mineral wool Properties:


  • The orientation of Rock wool fibers provides very good mechanical properties as well as excellent stability, no thermal expansion or contraction because of the open cell structure. Air pockets allow vapor to get through easily, while also having excellent thermal conductivity. The short fiber length of Rock wool also offers the possibility of making higher density products with a much higher capacity load than other materials.

Fire resistance

  • Rock wool and Glass wool fibers can resist temperatures of over 750°C for Rock wool and 400°C for Glass wool. Rock wool retains both its thermal conductivity and fire protection capability even when temperatures, as in the case of fire, reach over 900 °C. Therefore, in fire protection applications it should be fixed in such a way as to ensure that they retain their positioning and shape, even after the binder has evaporated because of fire.

Water repellent

  • That moisture inside insulation reduces thermal conductivity performance. When exposed to water or rain, Rock wool can sometimes look like it is wet throughout. In fact water does not penetrate the product.
    Even if water is going into the core of Rock wool or Glass wool, after a certain time the water evaporates and the fibers dry out, as the material is itself diffusing. After drying out, the product completely recovers its properties.

Thermal conductivity

  • Thermal conductivity λ varies depending on the temperature of the element to be insulated. At normal temperatures Rock wool has a thermal conductivity between 0,035 and 0,040 W/mK. The advantage of Rock wool over other insulation materials is preserving its properties for a long time, even during serious fire. This capability prevents other materials behind the Rock wool from overheating or even self-igniting.

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1000 Square Meters

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