Bimetal Bandsaw Blade made of ~ 4% high chrome alloyed tenacious backing material and a HSS cutting edge made of HSS M51 / ma-terial No. 1.3207 with a cobalt content of 10% each having a hardness of ~ 69 HRc. Honsberg technicians merged the 16° positive cutting angle with a special setting and blade geome-try to generate this high end blade in bimetal technique.

The higher alloyed cutting edge is designed to cut high strength steels grades. Higher resistance against thermal and abrasive wear increases the service life especially cutting long cross sections. Designed for cutting of high and highest steels and alloys, nickel base and super alloys up to 50 HRc on 2-column machinery. The product is 100% manufactured in the new HONS-BERG NT DESIGN, which guarantees lowest production tolerances to generate highest cutting rates and longest blade life for professional endusers.